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15 Best Places to go in Iloilo City: Exploring the Treasures of the Philippines

Welcome to Iloilo, a captivating province located in the heart of the Philippines. Known for its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and warm hospitality, Iloilo offers a myriad of attractions that will leave every traveler in awe. In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the 15 best places to go in Iloilo City, allowing you to experience the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable adventures this province has to offer.


15 Best Places to go in Iloilo


1. Miagao Church

Miagao Church Iloilo

If you’re going to Iloilo City, you should definitely visit Miagao Church. It’s also known as the Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva. This is not just any ordinary church, it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What makes it so special? Well, the design of the church is a mix of Spanish and Filipino styles. It’s like you’re looking at a piece of art and history at the same time. The outside of the church is very impressive with a big bell tower on each side. And inside, you’ll find lots of beautiful decorations and religious stuff.

People visit Miagao Church not only to pray but also to admire its beauty. It’s a place where you can feel peaceful and amazed at the same time. So if you like history, art, or just want to see something really cool, Miagao Church is one of the best places to visit in Iloilo City.

2. Garin Farm

Garin Farm Iloilo

Are you a nature lover? If yes, then Garin Farm Pilgrimage in Iloilo City should be on your list of places to visit. This place isn’t just a farm, it’s like a big outdoor playground!

At Garin Farm, you can do lots of fun stuff. You can go on a tour and see how a real farm works. You can meet different animals and learn about them. They even have gardens that are so pretty, you’ll want to stay there all day.

But the best part is the “Stairway to Heaven.” It’s a big staircase that goes up to a beautiful view. When you reach the top, you’ll feel like you’re touching the sky. It’s a bit of a climb, but trust me, it’s worth it.

3. Iloilo River Esplanade

Iloilo River Esplanade

If you’re visiting Iloilo City, make sure to stop by the Iloilo River Esplanade. It’s a lovely pathway by the side of the river that’s perfect for a peaceful walk.

What’s so great about this place? Well, it’s full of green plants and trees, and it has a view of the river that’s really nice. You can just walk, sit down, or even bike here. It’s also a great spot to watch the sunrise or sunset.

There are also lots of restaurants and cafes near the Esplanade. So after your walk, you can grab a bite to eat or have a nice cup of coffee.

4. Molo Church

Molo Church Iloilo

Molo Church is a special place in Iloilo City that you’ll want to visit. Known also as St. Anne Parish Church, this old church is one of the most beautiful in town.

What makes Molo Church stand out is its design. The church is all white and has lots of beautiful details that make it look like a fancy wedding cake. Inside, it’s just as nice, with pretty stained glass windows and a peaceful feeling.

But Molo Church isn’t just pretty. It’s also known as the ‘feminist church’ because of the female saints you can see inside. It’s a special place where everyone is welcome. Visiting Molo Church gives you a chance to see a beautiful building, learn a bit about the local culture, and enjoy a quiet moment.

5. Molo Mansion

Molo Mansion Iloilo

Just in front of the church is the Molo Mansion. If you’re a fan of old houses, then Molo Mansion is a place you must visit in Iloilo City. This is not just any old house. It’s a big mansion from the past, and it has been fixed up to look like new again.

What’s so special about this mansion? Well, the design of the house is very fancy and elegant. You can see old-style furniture and decorations that look like they came straight out of a history book. It’s like stepping back in time and seeing how rich people lived long ago.

But there’s more to Molo Mansion than just the house. They also have a nice garden where you can relax. And there’s a little shop where you can buy souvenirs to take home with you.

6. Guimaras Island

Guimaras Island

If you’re the type who loves the beach, then Guimaras Island is a place you shouldn’t miss. It’s a small island not far from Iloilo City. Just take a short boat ride, and you’ll get there in no time.

Guimaras Island is like a little piece of paradise. The beaches are really clean with soft white sand. The water is clear and blue, perfect for swimming or snorkeling. There’s even a forest with mangrove trees that’s really cool to see.

But the best thing about Guimaras Island? It’s not very crowded. You can have a quiet and relaxing time without lots of people around. And while you’re there, make sure to try the mangoes. They’re said to be the sweetest in the world!

Whether you want to sunbathe, swim, or just enjoy nature, Guimaras Island is one of the best places to visit near Iloilo City.

7. Nelly’s Garden

Nelly's Garden in Iloilo

Nelly’s Garden is a beautiful place to visit in Iloilo City. It’s like a hidden paradise in the middle of the city. Once you enter, it feels like you’re in a whole new world.

Nelly’s Garden is full of so many different types of plants and flowers. The colors are so bright and pretty. It’s a great place to walk around, enjoy the fresh air and take some pictures.

But there’s more than just the garden. There’s also a big, old house you can explore. It’s really fancy and full of interesting things to see. It shows you a bit of what life was like in Iloilo many years ago.

Whether you love nature or history, or just want a quiet place to relax, Nelly’s Garden is a must-visit.

8. San Joaquin Cemetery

San Joaquin Cemetery Iloilo

Visiting a cemetery might sound a bit strange, but San Joaquin Cemetery in Iloilo City is not your ordinary graveyard. This place is actually a famous spot that a lot of tourists like to visit.

Why? Because San Joaquin Cemetery is more like an outdoor museum. The graves and tombs have large, beautiful sculptures that are really amazing to see. They tell stories about the people who lived in Iloilo a long time ago. It’s a place where you can learn about the past in a unique and interesting way.

The cemetery might look a bit spooky, but it’s really peaceful and quiet. You can walk around, admire the artwork, and think about the stories of the people buried there. If you’re the type who likes to visit unusual and interesting places, then San Joaquin Cemetery is one of the best places to visit in Iloilo City.

9. Tigbauan Church

Tigbauan Church Iloilo

If you like looking at old and beautiful buildings, you should definitely check out Tigbauan Church when you’re in Iloilo City. This church isn’t just a place for prayers, it’s also a piece of art.

Tigbauan Church is very old, but it still looks grand and amazing. It’s got a big front part that’s decorated with all kinds of patterns and designs. When you go inside, you’ll see that it’s even more beautiful, with many decorations and religious items.

But it’s not all about looking. When you visit Tigbauan Church, you can also feel the peace and calmness inside. It’s a great place to sit, think, or just enjoy the quiet.

10. Isla de Gigantes

Gigantes Island Iloilo

This is a hidden gem for those who love island-hopping. It has rock formations, clear lagoons, and delicious seafood.

Have you ever wished you could find a hidden treasure island? Well, Isla de Gigantes is just like that. It’s a group of islands not far from Iloilo City that’s full of beautiful surprises.

What can you do in Isla de Gigantes? Lots of things! You can explore the islands, where you’ll find amazing rock formations. You can swim in the clear water of the lagoons. And you can eat lots of fresh seafood, like crabs and scallops, that come straight from the sea.

But the best part about Isla de Gigantes is that it’s not very crowded. It’s a bit of a secret place, which means you can enjoy the islands without too many people around.

11. Jaro Cathedral

Jaro Cathedral Church

When you’re in Iloilo City, make sure to stop by Jaro Cathedral. It’s a very old church that’s also one of the most important places in town.

Jaro Cathedral is pretty big and impressive. It has a special style that’s called “neo-gothic”, which makes it look a bit like a castle. When you go inside, you’ll see a lot of beautiful details and decorations.

But there’s more to Jaro Cathedral than just being a nice church. It’s also a place of miracles! The cathedral has a special statue, Our Lady of Candles, that many people believe has magical powers.

Whether you’re religious or not, visiting Jaro Cathedral is a special experience. It’s not just a place to pray, but also a place to feel peace and wonder.

12. Calle Real

Calle Real Iloilo

Calle Real is a really cool street in Iloilo City that you have to see. It’s a fun place where you can do lots of things.

One of the best parts about Calle Real is all the old buildings. They’ve been there for a long time and have a special style that’s really beautiful. Walking down Calle Real is like stepping back into the past.

But there’s also a lot of new and fun stuff to do on Calle Real. There are shops where you can buy all kinds of things. There are places to eat where you can try tasty local food. And there are always people around, so it’s a great place to meet and talk with locals.

Visiting Calle Real lets you see the old and the new side of Iloilo City. It’s a place where there’s always something to do and see.

13. Museo Iloilo

Museo Iloilo

If you’re the type who likes learning about history and culture, then Museo Iloilo is a place you should visit in Iloilo City. This museum is like a treasure chest full of stories about Iloilo and the whole Philippines.

Inside Museo Iloilo, you’ll find all kinds of interesting things. There are old items that people used a long time ago. There are artworks made by talented artists. And there are displays that tell stories about important events in the past.

Visiting Museo Iloilo is like going on a time travel adventure. You get to see and learn about things that happened before we were born. It’s a fun and interesting way to spend your time in Iloilo City.

14. Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art

Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art

If you like art, then you should definitely visit the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s a cool place in Iloilo City that shows all kinds of new and modern artworks.

The museum has a lot of different pieces by artists from the Philippines. Some of the artworks are paintings, others are sculptures, and there are even digital pieces. The art is always changing, so every time you visit, you might see something new.

When you go to the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art, you get to see the creative ideas that artists have today. You might even get some new ideas yourself!

15. Camiña Balay na Bato

Camina Balay na Bato in Iloilo City

Camiña Balay na Bato is a great place to visit in Iloilo City. It’s a really old house, built more than 150 years ago. But it’s not just any old house. It’s a place full of history and culture.

When you step into Camiña Balay na Bato, it’s like stepping back in time. You get to see how people in Iloilo lived a long time ago. The house is filled with old furniture and decorations that look just like they did when the house was built.

You can walk around and look at the rooms. You can learn about the family who used to live there. And you can even try some local food and drink, like hot chocolate made the traditional way.

Visiting Camiña Balay na Bato is like a fun history lesson. You get to see and learn things you can’t find in a book.


There you have it! 15 amazing places to visit in Iloilo. This province has a lot to offer, from history and culture to beautiful views and fun adventures.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best months to visit Iloilo?

The best time to visit Iloilo is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to May. During these months, you can enjoy the sunny weather and participate in outdoor activities without the interruption of heavy rainfall.

2. How do I get to Guimaras Island from Iloilo?

To get to Guimaras Island from Iloilo, you can take a short ferry ride from Ortiz Wharf or Parola Wharf in Iloilo City. The ferry ride usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes, and there are frequent departures throughout the day.

3. Are there accommodations available near the attractions in Iloilo?

Yes, there are various accommodations available in Iloilo to suit every traveler’s preference and budget.

You can choose from luxury hotels in the heart of the city, cozy guesthouses in quaint neighborhoods, or beachfront resorts for a more relaxed stay. If you want a budget hotel, there are a lot of budget hotels too in the city.

4. What are some local delicacies to try in Iloilo?

Iloilo is known for its delectable cuisine, and there are several local delicacies that you must try during your visit. Some must-try dishes include:

La Paz Batchoy: A savory noodle soup that originated in Iloilo. It features flavorful broth, tender meat, fresh noodles, and various toppings like crispy pork, chicharon (pork cracklings), and spring onions.

Tinuom: A traditional Ilonggo dish made with chicken or fish, wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked in a flavorful broth made from herbs and spices. The result is a tender and aromatic dish that is unique to the region.

Pancit Molo: A type of dumpling soup that is popular in Iloilo. It consists of small dumplings filled with ground pork and shrimp, served in a flavorful chicken broth with shredded chicken, garlic, and scallions.

Baye-baye: A sweet treat made from ground glutinous rice, coconut milk, and sugar. It is usually shaped into small balls or discs and is a popular pasalubong (souvenir) item from Iloilo.

5. Are there any festivals or events worth attending in Iloilo?

Yes, Iloilo is known for its vibrant festivals that showcase the province’s rich culture and traditions. One of the most famous festivals is the Dinagyang Festival, held every January in Iloilo City. It is a colorful and lively celebration featuring street dancing, parades, and cultural performances.

Another notable festival is the Paraw Regatta Festival, which takes place in February. It is a sailing event that showcases the traditional Paraw sailboats, with exciting races and various water-related activities.

6. Can I explore Iloilo on a budget?

Absolutely! Iloilo offers plenty of attractions and activities that cater to budget-conscious travelers. Many of the natural wonders, such as beaches and hiking trails, are either free or have minimal entrance fees.

You can also explore the local markets, where you can find affordable and delicious street food, as well as souvenirs and handicrafts at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, public transportation, such as jeepneys and tricycles, are a convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city and visit different attractions.


Iloilo is a hidden gem in the Philippines, offering a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From stunning churches and historical landmarks to pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes, this province has something for everyone. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a food lover, Iloilo will leave you with unforgettable memories and a longing to return.

So, pack your bags, prepare your camera, and get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through the 15 best places to go in Iloilo City. Discover the treasures that this province holds and immerse yourself in the warmth and charm of the Ilonggo culture. Your Iloilo adventure awaits!

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