Hello! I'm Arvin

Arvin Omilig in La Union Beach.

Arvin came from Capiz, a province that was populous because of “Aswang.” Though it is not true, when people heard that he was from Capiz, the second question automatically would be, “Is it true that there’s a lot of Aswang in Capiz?”. So these myths will not be gone anymore. But Arvin has already lived in Quezon City for over 15 years now.

He offers Search  Engine Optimization (SEO) services to business owners, giving him the flexibility to work whenever and wherever he wants. He became a freelancer in 2022 after leaving a corporate job that limited his travel, provided his salary was just enough to cover the bills, making it difficult to explore. However, as a freelancer, he can now work and travel simultaneously.

He always dreamed of traveling the world, but responsibilities and financial constraints held him back from visiting many places. Despite that, he has been encouraged by others, especially his girlfriend, who wants to explore the beauty of the Philippines as well. So, he decided to start his own website to document his journey and share experiences with everyone, whether he was traveling alone, with friends, or with loved ones. 


In the past, Arvin was so shy from grade school to college that he didn’t make many close friends. But after he graduated from college, he decided to change and become a better version of himself. He wanted to become the best version of himself—a person who has a lot of confidence and can talk to anyone confidently. So he embraced self-improvement, took on side hustles to meet new people, read self-improvement books, and learned about finances and businesses. He became a networker, an insurance agent, and now a freelancer. He’s also a trader. He immersed himself and exposed to a large groups to boost his confidence.

Now, he enjoys discussing these topics and loves learning new things. As a nature lover, he finds joy in traveling and exploring the wonders of the world.

Through this website, he hopes to show the world the amazing beauty of the Philippines and inspire others to follow their passions and dreams. He believes that everything can be learned as long as you are willing to learn and do not give up easily.