20 Top Bohol Tourist Spots 2023

Discover the Beauty of Bohol: 20 Top Bohol Tourist Spots 2023

Bohol Island

Welcome to the beautiful island province of Bohol in the Philippines, which is known for its beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural history, and friendly people. If you plan to go to Bohol this 2023, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll show you The 20 Top Bohol Tourist Spots 2023 to visit in Bohol that you should put on your list. Bohol has everything: beautiful beaches, famous sites, cultural gems, and natural wonders. Let’s dive in!

1. Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills Bohol

One of the most famous tourist spots in Bohol, the Chocolate Hills, is where we’ll start our trip. These unique natural formations are made up of more than 1,000 cone-shaped hills that look like chocolate mounds when they turn brown during the dry season. Visit the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen to see this amazing natural phenomenon and take pictures of beautiful sweeping views.

2. Panglao Island

Panglao Island Beach, Bohol Philippines.

Panglao Island is a tropical paradise just off the southwestern tip of Bohol. It has beautiful white sand beaches and blue waters that are as clear as glass. You can spend your days relaxing on Alona Beach, swimming on Balicasag Island, or scuba diving to see the beautiful sea life. Take advantage of the chance to see a beautiful sunset at Dumaluan Beach.

3. Loboc River

Loboc River in Bohol Philippines.

Take a relaxing cruise down the Loboc River, which is full of lush greenery and peace. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch on a boat while listening to music played by local bands. Stop at Busay Falls to cool off in the falling water as you sail.

4. Tarsier Conservation Area

Tarsier Conservation Area in Bohol Philippines.

Bohol is known for its tarsiers, the smallest monkeys in the world. You can see these cute animals in their natural environment at the Tarsier Conservation Area in Corella. Find out how they act, what people are doing to save them, and why protecting their fragile environment is important.

5. Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol Philippines.

Hinagdanan Cave, a secret gem in Dauis, is like stepping into another world. When the sun shines through the natural skylight, the stalactite and stalagmite forms glow in an ethereal way. Go into the cave to see the beautiful underground lake and, if you dare, take a relaxing swim.

6. Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm

At the Bohol Bee Farm, you can treat your taste buds and learn about healthy farming. Try their delicious organic dishes made with local ingredients, and don’t forget to try their honey-based goods and signature spreads. Take a walk on the farm with a guide to learn how they care for the environment and how important bees are to our ecosystem.

7. Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park in Bohol.

Danao Adventure Park is a must-see for people who like to be on the edge of their seats. In the middle of a green forest, you can try out exciting things like ziplining, rappelling, and sky cycling. Try “The Plunge,” a canyon swing that will stop your heart and make you gasp for air.

8. Man-Made Forest

Man-Made Forest Baler Bohol Philippines

As you travel from Bilar to Loboc, the beautiful Man-Made Forest will meet you. A row of tall mahogany trees forms a thick cover over the road, giving it a beautiful and peaceful look. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of this attempt to save the environment while you’re out for a drive.

9. Bohol Python and Wildlife Park

Bohol and Python Wildlife Park

At the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park, you can learn about all the different kinds of animals that live in Bohol. Meet different kinds of reptiles, like pythons, alligators, and many different kinds of birds. Please participate in educational activities and find out why it’s important to protect wildlife.

10. Anda Beach

Anda Beach, Bohol

Get away from the people and see how beautiful Anda Beach is when it’s not crowded. With its soft, white sand, clear water, and swaying palm trees, this secret gem is a peaceful and perfect beach. You can take long walks along the beach or lie in the sun and enjoy the peace.

11. Alburquerque Church and Watchtower

Alburquerque Church in Bohol.

At the Alburquerque Church and Watchtower, you can learn about Bohol’s long past and beautiful architecture. Look at the intricate features of the church from the Spanish era and climb the watchtower to see a wide view of the area. Look at the collection of religious items and relics to learn about the area’s history.

12. Mag-Aso Falls

Mag-aso Falls in Bohol.

Mag-Aso Falls is a beautiful place to visit in the middle of Bohol. These waterfalls create a refreshing oasis surrounded by lush plants where you can swim in natural ponds or enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t forget to take beautiful pictures of the falls in the background.

13. Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island in Bohol.

I am calling all scuba divers and snorkelers! Balicasag Island is a great place to go diving. Dive into its beautiful coral reefs, full of sea turtles, tropical fish, and even dolphins. Snorkel in the clear water and let the beauty of what’s below the surface take your breath away.

14. Anda Quinale Beach

Anda Quinale Beach in Bohol.

Anda Quinale Beach is known for its soft white sand and peaceful atmosphere. It is a great place to relax and recharge. Walk slowly along the beach, soak up the sun, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

15. Bohol Churches

Baclayon Church is one of old churches in Bohol.

Bohol is full of old buildings with beautiful architecture and rich religious history. Visit the Baclayon Church, one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines, and look at its beautiful design and holy artifacts. Check out the Loboc Church, known for its cultural importance and charming frescoes. Don’t miss the chance to go to the Dauis Church, known for its magical well.

16. Dimiao Twin Falls

Dimiao Twin Falls in Bohol.

Find Dimiao Twin Falls, a secret gem tucked away in a lush forest. Walking on nature trails to the beautiful waterfalls, where you can cool off in the ponds, would be best. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere and let the soothing sounds of falling water calm you down.

17. Punta Cruz Watchtower

Punta Cruz Watch Tower.

Visit the Punta Cruz Watchtower, a historical fortress that was once used to keep an eye out for pirates and other attackers. Climb to the top to see a wide view of the coast and learn about the strategic importance of this old building.

18. Lamanok Island

Lamanok Island

Find out what’s on Lamanok Island, which is full of ancient treasures. Explore its old rock formations, find its hidden caves, and look for prehistoric cave paintings that show Bohol’s rich cultural history. Take a boat to the island and let the guides explain what’s happening there.

19. Anda Lighthouse

Anda Lighthouse

Visit the Anda Lighthouse at the end of your trip to Bohol. It is on top of a hill and looks out over the sea. You can get sweeping coast views and see a beautiful sunset that paints the sky with bright colors. Let the peaceful beauty of the area blow your mind.

20. Blood Compact Shrine

Blood Compact Shrine in Bohol.

The Blood Compact Shrine in Bohol is a historical landmark that remembers the first international bond of friendship between the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and the chieftain Rajah Sikatuna of Bohol. The Blood Compact, called “Sandugo” in the local language, was a traditional ceremony in which both leaders cut their arms and mixed their blood to show how close they were and how much they trusted each other. The shrine is in Tagbilaran City and has a bronze sculpture of the blood compact ceremony. This sculpture is a reminder of how important this event was in the colonial past of the Philippines. It is a famous place for tourists to learn about this important event and see beautiful views of Bohol’s coast.


Bohol’s natural beauty, cultural treasures, and friendly people will make it a wonderful place to visit in 2023. The best places to visit in Bohol have something for everyone, whether you want to have fun, chill out, or learn much about the past. Bohol is a place that will win your heart, from the famous Chocolate Hills to the beautiful beaches of Panglao Island and the secret gems like Anda Beach and Dimiao Twin Falls. Plan your trip, pack your bags, and prepare to be swept away by Bohol’s beauty and charm. Get to know the other best places to visit in the Philippines besides Bohol.


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