Scenery Resort and Spa Tagaytay

Experience Tranquility and Beauty at Scenery Resort and Spa Tagaytay

Do you want to relax? After a hectic day at work or in life, the Scenery Resort and Spa in Tagaytay is the ideal spot for a moment of rest and refreshment. I’ll talk about our experiences at the Scenery Resort and Spa in Tagaytay in this blog.

Entrance at Scenery Spa Tagaytay.

I reserved their 12988 package, Scenery Pool Villa, for a couple (12-hour stay).
The package includes the following:
-Welcome Drinks
-Overflowing drinks the whole stay
-90 minutes Anti-Stress Massage for 2pax
-Indian Healing Facial for 2 pax
-Healing bathtub soak
-Romantic Dinner for 2pax
-Floating Breakfast in the pool
-Complimentary scenery snacks
– TV with netflix and chill
-Private pool villa
-FREE decoration for any occasion

These are the inclusions in the package, and I can vouch for their value. If you would like to surprise your loved ones, you can make use of their free decorations for any occasion. They also provide several packages to fit your budget. To view their many packages, visit their Facebook page.

Scenery Resort and Spa Tagaytay Villa.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll realize that the resort’s architecture perfectly complements the surrounding landscape, fostering a peaceful and harmonious ambiance. Scenery Resort and Spa offers a variety of lodging options and services to suit every type of traveler, including those looking for a romantic holiday with their significant other.

Regretfully, the Scenery Resort and Spa does not currently accommodate families; therefore, if you would like to bring yours, I regret to inform you that only two people are permitted.

Scenery spa tagaytay bedroom

We have also visited Scenery Spa Antipolo before, and we really enjoyed the privacy of the Scenery Resort and Spa Tagaytay, where guests have access to a large villa for the duration of their visit.

All of their employees are friendly and welcoming; they offer you a drink as soon as you arrive, ask that you take off your shoes, and wash your feet with soap and water before putting on their slippers.

Bathtub in Scenery Resort and Spa Tagaytay

After that, they will show you how to go to the villas, and if you want to surprise your loved ones, they will help you pull it off. Nothing needs to be brought because everything is given. Their cuisine is pretty delicious, and their romantic dinner is very lovely. The villa was lovely too, and their 90-minute massage was well worth it. Don’t forget to soak in their healing bathtub after your massage.

Regretfully, I’m not thrilled with the internet connection because the villa we were in cannot reach the wifi, so they offered us mobile data when we watched Netflix. Though maybe the internet connections at other villas are better, other than that, everything is great.

Scenery Spa Tagaytay Pool.

We had the opportunity to eat in the pool in the morning. They had an equally amazing breakfast, which was particularly satisfying to eat while submerged in chilly water.

Scenery Resort and Spa in Tagaytay, thus, provides a unique experience amidst natural beauty and calm if you’re looking for a romantic holiday.

Breakfast at Scenery Spa Tagaytay

Breakfast in Pool at Scenery Resort and Spa Tagaytay.


Frequently Ask Questions

How do I go to Scenery Resort and Spa in Tagaytay?

You can take a bus from Gil Puyat to Nasugbu and get off at Olivares Tagaytay. You can take a tricycle to the Scenery resort and spa from there. You can use a Google Map to guide drivers who are unfamiliar with Scenery Spa. Because Tricycles operates two shifts in Tagaytay, there are plenty of tricycles available even if you arrive late at night.
Gil puyat to Olivares Tagaytay, around Php180/person
Tricycle: PHP50 (day); PHP60 (night).

Address: 045 Sta. Rosa Road Barangay Francisco Tagaytay City

Is a parking lot available?

Yes, there is a designated customer parking area at Scenery Resort & Spa, and a security guard is on duty at all times.

Which packages are available?

For various packages, send them a message on their Facebook page.


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